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The People to Business (P2BTM) Talent Network Meet-Up is a transformational program that links middle to top professional level volunteers with small and early-stage technology companies

What You Need to Do:

To apply for the April 21st event just 3 easy steps will get you started. Please complete these steps by Friday, April 11th

1. Begin by registering a user name and password on this page.

2. Fill in your profile. If you are a LinkedIn member, click the LinkedIn download button to help you fill in your profile. We encourage you to upload your resume in the resource section of your digital profile as well.

3. P2BTM will notify you of your potential matches for the April 21st P2BTM Meet-Up event.

This program is sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Talent Networks.
P2BTM is a trademarked program developed by NJIT and the Enterprise Development Center Technology Business Incubator.
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